Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | August 17, 2006

Xbox 360 Live Camera to come with free game

Thats right, when the miniscule camera for your Xbox360 releases come september 19th, retailing at 40 dollars, it will come with a free game, dubbed Totemball, which really shows off the best feature of the camera – gesture recognition.

Totemball is being developed by Freeverse Software and Strange Flavour, who from what i can gather have had much experience with gesture recognition or motion sensing technology based games.
You control the game almost solely using your arms, moving the totem pole around the level and collect items within a certain time limit.

I’m sure for those interested in this peripheral, it will be good news to hear this. So now you have something to do other than taking a fuzzy picture of your balls and promptly putting it as your gamerpic and messaging your entire friends list.


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