Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | August 18, 2006

Hardcore Live Arcade Gamers Rejoice!

Finally, the peripheral to end all peripherals for all those Arcade game addicts has been announced. The ArcadeStick is rumoured to be released October 1st, with the price rumoured at $70, however, the price has now been confirmed by the manufacturer, MadCatz, as $49.99. As i’m sure some of you also did, i let out a groan when i heard that the manufacturer was MadCatz, who have an impressively abysmal record of producing very poor quality peripherals. But, to make you feel that little bit better about slamming $50 down to get your joystick, you are also going to get a collection of full arcade games with your purchase, MadCatz are still finalizing which games they are going to include, i’m willing to bet it will be PacMan or similar retro games, not Geometry Wars or Marble Blast Ultra.
I for one won’t be purchasing this, i have always found the 360 pad more than adequate for arcade games, but i’m sure it will make some peoples day to hear this news, and to those i wish happy arcade gaming.



  1. I for one am eager to see how the Controller will pan out and which games will be most effective using, this could be perfect for the Xbox Live Arcade users who want a more classic feel to their arcade games.

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