Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | August 20, 2006

F.E.A.R. looks to be shaping up very nicely

F.E.A.R – standing for First Encounter Assault Recon, was released last year on the PC to great accolade. It was praised for its eerily creepy horror element, and the intensity of its combat.
I for one, due to my fantastically poor graphics card, did not manage to play this highly rated game, and so i just let my excitement for it die down. Until that is, i read that it was being brought over to the Xbox360. My only fears (pun fully intended :P) about the port over to the 360 was how the developer would handle the controller, and whether they could make the gameplay tight and responsive without the aid of a mouse.
These doubts soon shot out the window upon reading a new article on gamespot. Furthermore to confirming that the gameplay “plays as well as you’d expect” they also praise the graphics off the game, saying not to worry about your 360 being able to handle F.E.A.R. (the game is used as a benchmark for testing graphics card due to it being very process intensive) and that technically, it surpasses its PC counterpart in visuals, which, as a console only gamer (unless i absolutely have to play it on PC) makes me jump for joy, but that is my inner 360 fanboy which i try to keep at bay. Head over to gamespot for the full article and browse around for some gameplay footage also.



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