Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | August 20, 2006

Update: Xbox Live Vision Camera – Hands On Footage

New to the internet today is a video showing off the to be released Xbox Live Vision Camera (phew, long winded name anyone?) wide array of features. The video shows all the different filters which can be put on the video the camera is, er, videoing, there seemed to be around a dozen different filters (read effects) which all seemed good with lots of variety, the camera also has a small digital zoom.

A really cool feature i saw was that when on the xbox dashboard, whether it be switching blades or navigating menus, there is a faint image of you, or whatever the camera is pointed at, blended in to the blades. Check the video out and let us know what your favourite feature of the cam is, whether you think that having a camera with the video chat capabilities is a good idea, what ever your thoughts, just us know.
This update comes courtesy of xbox360 gamespot.


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