Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | August 23, 2006

(FREE) Texas Hold ‘Em Available For Download Right Now!

You read right, the much talked about poker game is out now. And i can confirm, it is absolutely free, for those naysayers which said it was just to build hjype for the game. Texas Hold ‘Em has integrated support with Microsofts Live Vision Camera, so you can see whether (using your fantastic intuition) your opponent is bluffing when playing an xbox live game. Head over to Marketplace and download this game as soon as you can, because remember, you only have 48 hours to download the full game for free, after that 48 hours the game reverts to costing 800 microsoft points. I’ve no doubt this game will have strong ‘sales’ in its first 48 hours, and will sink veru quickly after that.
Remember, you heard it here first – check back for more updates on all things 360 when you get a chance.



  1. Off topic yes. Into videogames? You should go to a different site. This site sucks, all it is is stuff copied from better sites. Go to instead.

  2. Idiot, this is a blog, it is about opinions on 360 related news, whereas joystiq provides a news service with few strongly opinionated stories. Go ahead and look through, and right now, I guarantee you will find at least one example of the same story on all three of those. Also, note that this site links to Joystiq in previous posts.

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