Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | August 23, 2006

New Red Vs. Blue: Out Of Mind Episodes Up On Marketplace

This evening (in the UK at least) 2 new episodes of Roosterteeth’s on going Red Vs. Blue mini-series were added, bringing the total episodes available to four. This mini-series had a slow start – they took too long to release following episodes which means the consumer has to go and re-watch the previous episode the realise what the hell is going on in the current episode and what the significance of the fact that omega is now out of tex’s head (you’ll need to download and watch the episode to understand that one). But with this latest double installment it now has me engaged in the story. Roosterteeth use some quite brilliant effects in the episodes and it really is halo machinima at its best. In addition, it is very funny, using some very dry, albeit, humourous punchlines. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Red Vs. Blue, head over to the roosterteeth link at the top and be sure to check out some of the episodes from the regular on going series, they are on at least episode 60 now! Has quite a following to boot. Next time you log into live marketplace, check out the ‘new releases’ section of ‘media and entertainment’ and be sure to download this series, good stuff.


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