Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | August 23, 2006

Pro Evo and Fifa Gameplay Enhancements? Yes please

After the fantastic news about Microsoft securing exclusive next gen iterations of Pro Evo and Fifa, the two, by far, biggest football series around, i thought i would try and dig up some information about these next gen footballing wonders other than the fact they will have better graphics and effects, namely, how is the gameplay going to differ, and i came up trumps…
IGN Xbox360 brielfy outlines the new gameplay enhancement being made to the Pro Evolution series, AI players are now much more adept at running into space when you have the ball; the shooting system has been seriously overhauled, with volley and half volley mechanics (my personal favourite shots in Pro Evolution 5) receiving the most attention; you are also able to backwards dribble now which is erm, great.
And for those of you who are, like me, seriously into you Pro Evolution Soccer, then it might be worth heading over to and checking out their incredibly in depth article about the new refinements to the Pro Evo gameplay, although it is written up with the PS2 version in mind, rest assured that the gameplay enhancements are being made to all versions of the game. The article is definately worth a read for any Pro Evolution fan.

Now for the Fifa fans out there, the next Fifa (’07) boasts a brand new gameplay engine to “redefine the way sports videogames play and feel”, a bold statement if ever i read one. IGN again has this one detailed.
Enjoy the read, i sure did.

(UPDATE: Added link to newly released Gamespot Hands-On Article)


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