Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | September 6, 2006

Daily Whats On Marketplace (Update 1)

As promised, kinda sorta, here are the latest items which are available for you to download via XBL Marketplace. Free unless otherwise stated.

The Godfather – a new trailer.
FarCry Instincts: Predator – multiplayer demo featuring all multiplayer modes.
Just Cause – Several new trailers showing different aspects of the game, be it, ‘Weapon Upgrades’ or ‘Sea Stunts’.
LOTR, BFMEII – a ‘marketplace exclusive’ multiplayer map pack. 350MP
Madden NFL 07 – a demo for those of you who haven’t downloaded it.
UNO – A Project Gotham Racing 3 Card deck – 100MP

IGN Insider – Gear of wars video podcast type thing, not that great footage wise, but does show some new gameplay.
IGN Insider – Insider Studio Tour: Ubisoft, being a big fan of Ubisoft, i would highly recommend this download to everyone, it is a really good behind the scenes look at Ubisofts largest development studio, montreal, and shows how things work, shows off there own gym and coffee bar (!!) and is generally very interesting.
Artist of the month – This week the ”artist of the month award™” goes to…Jessica Simpson, currently the only video available is her smash pop hit, A Public Affair, featuring a few guest appearances from what i would imagine some of her showbiz friends.

I know some of these things have been released for more than a day, but i wanted to put them in to make up for lost ground and to inform those people who hadn’t had a chance to download some of these items.

UPDATE: added items in the ‘Media and Entertainment’ section.


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