Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | September 6, 2006

Mass Effect Officially 2007

Possibly my most anticipated titles scheduled to hit 2006 was Mass Effect, a first person RPG (FPRPG?) developed by Bioware, critically acclaimed in the game industry for producing games such as the KOTOR series on the original Xbox. The company has now officially confirmed that the game won’t be ready before christmas, or even the new year. They were nice enough to give out a European released date to boot. January 12th, mark that in your calender! If you live in europe that is, i’m sure the US version will be released soon after if not the same day. Mind you, it’ll DEFINATELY be out in europe before the PS3…(for shame, but how could i resist!?)

Thanks to IGN for this…and you can also check out media and impressions on the game so far at their page for Mass Effect.



  1. looks gd dan! graphics look amazing for people!!

  2. yeah i second that. i looked on ign and the stills look amazing!

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