Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | September 7, 2006

NHL 07 ‘Shootout’ Demo Now Available

Recently relased onto the Xbox Live Marketplace was a short demo for upcoming game NHL 07. The demo shows off the new shooting system, at least for shootouts. I can honestly say i enjoyed this demo, i have never been a fan of hockey games and the last time i played must have been a long time ago on a friends gamecube, nevertheless, i wasn’t impressed. I am however impressed with the demo, the visuals are good and the gameplay is easy to pick up and seems to have some depth to it. Check it out, weighing in a 500MB it shouldn’t take too long.




  1. Oh awesome, i’ve been waiting for this demo to come out for a while, just got back from work and have just started downloading. Hope the goalies are decent this time!

  2. Woopah!
    Congrats on getting a mention in the British Gaming Blog! – Soon you’ll be rolling in cash, writing magazine reviews for the Xbox 720.
    Make sure you use some spare income so I can finally get a 360 though eh? BARGAIN BINS FTW!
    Oh yeah, but I still ain’t buying a fricking ice hockey game :P.
    Have a good one!

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