Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | September 11, 2006

What a way to be announced…

In a quite frankly awkward way to be announced, PGR4 is (surprise surprise!) coming to an Xbox360 near you. Of ALL people to announce Bizarre’s next racing game…it’s Peugeot…Project Gotham Racing 4, developed by Bizarre, announced to the world by… Peugeot…it’s not logical is it…
This, although not official comfirmation, means that the fact PGR4 is in development is a dead cert. Personally i hadn’t even thought about PGR4, despite being an avid fan of the series i assumed they were going to leave it at 3, but, apparently Bizarre had other plans. It will be VERY interesting to see the graphical jump it will have over its next generation predecessor (does that make sense?) PGR3 because if you consider the leap PGR2 had over 1, it was quite substancial. All i really want in this sequel though is full anti aliasing though, man i hated those jaggies…


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