Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | September 12, 2006

A little something that piqued my interest…

Assassin’s Creed, to be released early 2007, is set in 1191 AD at around the time the Third Crusade was messin’ with the Holy Land, or something like that. Can’t find much about it as of now, it certainly seems a work in progress, but from what I can see Assassin’s Creed has the potential to define a fun new way of action/adventure gaming. The most intriguing feature, which if Ubisoft can pull it off sounds pretty ground-breaking, is giving the player the power to introduce chaos to their surroundings and shape history to their choosing. Playing as the cheeky chappy Altair, your aim is to supress both sides of the Third Crusade conflict, and kick it assassin style.

I for one will be keeping an eye on this one. Great potential methinks.


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