Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | September 25, 2006

UPDATING: TGS Marketplace Content Available, right now!

Here is a list of all the “TGS – Bringing It Home” Marketplace content available right now. This list does not contain any of the content exlusive to japan. Those items which are in bold text are the latest items to have been uploaded to Marketplace:

Fuzion Frenzy 2
Lego Star Wars 2

The Darkness
Sonic the Hedgehog
Shrek 3
NHL 2K7 – Cinemotion
Just Cause Launch Trailer
Need for Speed Carbon

Battlestations: Midway
Import Tuner Challenge
NHL 07
Virtua Tennis 3
NBA Live 07
Forza Motorsport 2 (customization trailer)
Team Fortress 2
Vista Gaming Montage
Fuzion Frenzy 2
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
Tenchu Senran
Half-Life 2: Episode 2

GameSpot Day 1 Showfloor Behind the Scenes
GameSpot Day 2 Showfloor Behind the Scenes
GameSpot Day 2 Live Arcade Bonus
TGS Press Briefing
TGS Theme (very orange!!)
Mass Effect Picture Pack
TGS Picture Pack
Forza Theme (150MP)

Everything is FREE unless stated otherwise!

Again, Happy Downloading!



  1. Sweet! Both FEAR and LEGO Star Wars Demos, this is my lucky day! Won’t be able to play it till i get home from work, how does it play??

  2. Hey Danny I got your comment, I can walk you through some steps to um…clean up the Blogger interface. But soon I am going to be hosting my own blog/website and I’m looking for writers. I’ve already got a web/graphic designer but another writer is something I could use. If you’re interested, shoot me an email: or msg me on XBL: Jayman007. Talk to you soon.


  3. Is it just me or did MS and the media overhype X06. TGS was bland for the US/European audiences for the most part, with all the JRPG news of Blue Dragon and Lost Oddessy. And it was said… Wait… Wait till TGS we have all kinds of media/demos/news.

    Then we got the big news of Halo Wars. Big news somewhat. If your’re not an RTS fan, then not so much. No news of Halo3. (none zilch)

    Here is what I would have expected to hear from a big event like X06, to meet the MS hype. Total guessing on my part, but would have met the hype.
    New bigger better Xbox 360. Black 250 GB HD, built in sat tuner Direct TV (US), Sky (Europe), built in HD-DVD drive all for $600, coming out in May 07.

    List of Xbox Live Arcade partnerships (publishers)
    Xbox Arcade Wednesdays as they were orginally construed. New Xbox Live Arcade title every Wednesday, at least till mid 2007. (note: I just read a blurb somewhere that stated MS was booked solid with Xbox Live titles and couldn’t really conceive adding any new titles to the pipeline, and that everygame you could imagine coming to XBLA, has been considered or is coming.

    No Halo3 news, are you kidding me?

    In game advertising, to subsidize Xbox LIVE. Didn’t MS just buy up Massive, the giant in game advertising company? What about that?

    What about Avalanche? It is a technology that is supposed to be a direct competitor the Bit Torrent. Imagine cutting your Marketplace downloads by at least half. google it you’ll find it.

    What about user created content/maps etc?

    And why the hell are we being nickel and dimed for themes/gamer pics?
    For example NFL team helmets. That should come with the game. Microtransactions my ass. PDZ included themes and gamerpics.

    And IMO, Halo2 had the best Lobby online support to date. That game is 3 years old now almost, and why hasn’t MS spread that technology/method to its other titles and third party developers. Having a party/clan move as a unit to another server rocked!

  4. Wow man. Good rant 🙂
    Personally i didn’t feel let down by the show, mainly because i didn’t let myself get my hopes up like i usually do. But i was thrilled to hear the halo wars game, and the fact it is console specific adds to that. You made a lot of good points my friend, the new hard drive is a MUST dammit. And is it me or is the current hard drive really slow? It takes my 360 ages to find all my gamerpics…this has 3 3.2Grz processors after all…
    As for subsidizing Live, i think they will do that eventually, but they gotta create a strategy for how they’re gonna tackle that i think.
    The lack of halo 3 news was disappointing. It leads me to believe that halo 3 won’t be released before summer, which sucks. And the cost of themes, ridiculous…i would love to see the download figures for one of the free themes compared to the ‘premuim’ ones!
    I’ll be honest, i was let down by the lack of support for parties on any of the current XBL games, i mean, surely it can’t be that difficult for Microsoft to tell them the basic structure of how to do it. I’m sure MSFT have the right to steal the system of bungie…
    And XBLA Wednesdays has been a joke you’re right, there have been so many weeks without a new arcade game, and i don’t think there have been any original ones in ages! Here’s hoping for a much more consistent XBLA Wednesdays in the future!

    Thanks for you comment, it’s people like you that keep my motivation for doing this blog going, now away from the soppy stuff, Assassins Creed WOO!

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