Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | October 9, 2006

Phantasy Star Online goes Universal!

Now, I’m an Avid fan of Phantasy Star Online, I loved it for the Dreamcast, loved it for the Xbox, hell I even thought C.A.R.D Revolution was a good game for the Gamecube, but never has the game looked and sounded so amazing.

PHANTASY STAR ONLINE UNIVERSE Looks awesome, and if the gameplay is at least on par with it’s predecessors then it’s going to be one of the best games out there.

Let me give you a brief overview on how to get started in the game :

1. Character Creation
The Character creation is now a lot more advanced, and instead of choosing basic things, like head, suit, colour and build of the character you can now customise your characters a lot more, with more hairstyles, different types of ears and also eyebrows. Also, you’re no longer restricted into choosing a character class, instead you can now choose individual races and make them what you will, however, each race will have it’s distinct characteristics meaning that some are, say, better casters then others. There is no longer just Humans, Newmen and CASTs, there is now a new race, called Beasts.

Beasts an CASTs have special race specific abilities, Beasts have something called Nanoblasts, this allows them to transform into monsters (Or Beasts, if you will) and then go into a rage, and CASTs have an ability to summon SUV weapons which massive guns that drop from the sky to trash your enemies.

2. Entering the Game
Once you have designed your character you get thrown into the Gaurdian Colony which is a mega huge 5 story space station, from here you can socialise with other players, go shopping, dance at a club, chill and have a coffee or relax at your personal quarters.

Obviously doing the above isn’t the main objective of the game, the main idea is to round up players to go and quest with, your party can contain 6 members, so you can embark upon quests on one of the 3 planets, each planet has it’s own set of shops and citizens. There are a wide variety of mission types, such as Escorting, Delivering, Exploring and Destroying.

Party Leaders now have more power over what they do in Parties, they can now boot people, and also make sure the loot is destributed evenly between the players as well.

Mentioned Earlier the game now gives players a room to stay in, the room can be kitted out with all sorts of equipment, and there is something in each room called a Partner Machine, this can store any equipment you have lying around, and can also make new equipment if you give it certain items.

3. Missions
The 3 different planets you’ll be heading to in a party are Parum, which is an industrialized world ran by CASTs, Neudaiz which is a beautiful water planet, home to the Newmen, and also the desert planet of Moatoob, home to the beasts.

One on these planets you’ll be doing a lot of monster slaying, just like the original, but now there are new additions to this, such as being allowed to strafe around, being able to equip weapons with magic, which is the new magic system in PSO:U and also being able to do a longer string of combos during combat.

I hope this has picked up any interest for any of you readers. I for one, can’t wait.
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