Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | October 16, 2006

Splinter Cell: Double Agent demo out

Released a few days ago was a demo for a little game called Splinter Cell: Double Agent. This is one of many of the hotly anticipated titles come to the beautiful white box (no longer must we say big black box) this fall. The demo is stricly multiplayer, but is not the versus mode online splinter cell players have come to love. It is a mode called Co-op challenge, an exclusive to the Xbox360 version of Double Agent. One thing to note is that many of the player i have spoken to online have not been able to tell the different between this new mode and the Versus mode of old.

A review of the demo will be in another post shortly in the name of not making single post gargantuan in size. Suffice to say i was highly impressed by all aspects of the game. Gameplay was very tight, graphics fantastic, and sound was excellent. I’m looking forward to giving you guys my impressions.


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