Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | October 31, 2006

Halo 3 Scans breakdown

Ok. I’ve got an awful secret. I looked at the Halo 3 scans from the Swedish Magazine. Yes, I’m ashamed, but you looked at them as well, and you too. If there was a way for me to get hold of that magazine, then i would have, and paid for the privilege to do so. But there isn’t a way, i don’t have any contacts in Sweden, unfortunately.

So i bring you this, a post breaking down what was actually in those scans, with, gasp, smaller images cut from those scans so you know what on earth (yes, got the halo pun in) I’m talking about!

We’ll start with the less obvious stuff, and probably less important also.

The Battle Rifle, in Halo 2 it was a terrific all round weapon, very effective in multiplayer.

I noticed in one of the scans that there was a Spartan quite obviously using a battle rifle, now i don’t know about you, but from what i gathered from the E3 announcement, i had assumed (seems silly now, actually) that the battle rifle was not going to be making a return, apparently it is:

Next, I’ve read some talk about the “return of Zanzibar” which has made quite a stir, well, i can certainly see the resemblance in the pictures below, and frankly, they look beautiful, and to think this is without the bells and whistles which will be in the final game…

Oh yes, the Legendary Edition, i’ve seen much talk about what it’s going to look like, what size it is going to be, and thus far, i’ve only managed to get this pic, its pretty poor, but i’m sure there will be a better picture up on somewhere official before christmas.

The Spiker, a new gun for the brutes. Now, you may, or you may not have picked up in the scans (those of you that have seen them) that these guns are in fact dual wieldable. And they each have 2 blades on the underside, BLADES BABY…sorry, but i love blades…anyhoo, here’s the picture of them.(click to enlarge, as with all)

Penultimately, the Spartan Laser, a weapon which looks absolutely awesome. Similar to the fuel rod cannon in terms of size and how much it takes up of the screen. This weapon is said to be the go-to weapon for taking out vehicles, it ‘tears vehicles apart’. If fires a red laser which looking at the scans, seems to go on for an infinite distance, but of course this will have to be tested and fully clarified once the full game hits…^_^

And finally, the mongoose, ‘the mongoose!?’ you say, ok, to put it another way, the ATV which was originally planned to be in halo 2, but unfortunately didn’t fit in with the game play Bungie were aiming for, which is fair enough, as long as it makes it in the final build, I’m happy!

“Ha, screw you, you ain’t getting this back”

And that’s your lot, I’m done, I’m out of pictures. Hope you enjoyed the breakdown, nothing beats a good old fashioned bit of speculation about the next (gen) Halo game, am i right?!

On a final note i would like to say what you’ve just seen and read is entirely speculation and is not a definite to be in the final game, but, if Bungie does prove it to be true, after all nothing is confirmed unless Bungie confirms it, then i will be one VERY happy customer when Halo 3 hits next year.



  1. Great read hope you.are right

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