Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | November 5, 2006

PS3 More Powerful? Get Outta Here!

Ever heard of the game Eternal Darkness? No, well click on it to follow through (please, no giggling) to a review of one of the best Gamecube games available, even now. And arguably, one of Silicon Knights’ best games to date. What the hell has this got to do with the PS3 vs X360 debate i hear you ferociously call out, well, calm down, and let me tell you.

The head honcho over at Silicon Knights has revealed his informed opinion on which is the mostestest powerfulest super dooper next gen console, and it is…a dead heat!
Between the Wii and the 360…no, of course not, but in all seriousness…
Speaking to the San Jose Mercury News, Silicon Knights president has this to say:

“The 360 and the PS3 are equal in power in my eyes,” Dyack says. “Maybe the PS3 has more processing power. The 360 has more available memory. It’s pretty much a net, net. The public perception of the PS3 was that it was much more powerful. To developers, they look even.”

Now when i first heard this, i must admit, a little voice in the back of my head was gently whispering “Too Huuuumaaaan, he’s biased…”, BUT, much to my surprise, and the to shock to the little voice in the back of my head also, this is not a biased opinion. Silicon Knights is in fact developing for both the X360 and the PS3, of note is that the PS3 title is unannounced. And i’m positive no one, no less than the president, of Silicon Knights would like to piss of either Microsoft of Sony.

So there, Sony fanboys, stick that in your blunt and smoke it, yeah, i said blunt*.

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*Apologies for Austin Powers reference.



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