Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | November 7, 2006

Halo 3. Impressions from 1UP, EGM, Gametrailers

That’s right, and need i say more!? Head over to 1UP this second!!

Hey it’s DannyOB, just thought i’d quite rudely chip in with my thoughts on the impressions, i’ll be brief.
Ok, so it got off to a bad start, opening line for the first impression i read was ‘graphics were poor for a 360 game’ or something to that effect…uh oh, but no, it’s alright, come out from under the covers, they know it’s in a early (pre-alpha) stage of development, and that Bungie are forgiven – it will get better, much better.
But what really shone from the impressions was the gameplay, it’s fantastic. A few say that it has got the old original halo feel back, and that it feels great, which makes me jump for joy as i loved the original feel of Halo, gameplay in Halo 2 was still tight, but just wasn’t the same. The ATV is ‘stupid fun’ to drive, and finally, the Assault Rifle is a fantastic all round weapon, the AR must be that ‘perfect starting weapon’ Frankie was talking about a few weeks back in Bungie’s Weekly Updates. Just my two pence (thank you Ant’ny)



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