Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | November 30, 2006

Viva Pinata episode run down!

Ok, there are two episodes of the Kids show of Viva Pinata available for download on XBox Live, I’ll give you a basic run down of the episodes, and also any tips that appeared in the episode for those of you who want to know/watched and didn’t get them :

Chewnicorn in the Garden

Fergy Fudgehog and Franklin Frizzlybear are totally convinced that the ultra legendary omega awesome Chewnicorn exists, but the ever so cynical Paulie Pretztail isn’t having any of it, so they set out on an awesome adventure to proove him wrong.

I really liked this episode, it had some really funny points and the voice acting was really good, I can definitely see the appeal for kids and the overall quality of the episode was very high.

The tip in this episode is that Chewnicorns can’t resist the smell of Gems from a Gemtree in the night, I’m assuming that planting one of these will get a Chewnicorn in your Garden.

Horstacio of a different colour

Hudson discovers that he has a rival, a new upstart Horstacio by the name of Hamilton, Hamilton announces that he is going to enter the Horstacio contest in the Spring Fair which causes Hudson to lose his confidence and decides to drop out, it’s then up to his Agent Simone Cinnamonkey to get him back in there, whilst Fergy, Pauley and Franklin try to get rid of Hamilton.

This was also a very good episode, it had it’s laughs and also had some morality going on there, about getting back up if you lose confidence and also always help out your friends, so all in all, very good for a kids show.


I’m thinking that there are two tips in this Episode, I could well be wrong here, but here we go.

First tip – If a Quackberry eats a Gooseberry it will evolve into a Juicygoose
Second tip – If a Horstacio eats Gooseberries and Blackberries it will evolve into a Zumbug

Ok, well, I hope you found this a good read, I suggest you go and download them, NOW!

Take it easy,




  1. Saw them while browsing last night, but I think i’ll wait until I actually play the game before I buy into all the merchandise. If Microsoft are hoping to attract a lot of new gamers to their system with this game, so far, they’re not going about it well…

  2. Yeah i completely agree. They haven’t marketed it over here anywhere near as hard as they could/should have in my opinion. There was no buzz around it’s launch here, which is a shame, as i feel it has potential, if it is meant to be their killer app for the non-hardcore gamers, where the hell is all the advertising, I’m sure if they started getting some TV spots on kids channels, there’d be much more talk of the game. It definately has potential, near on everyone I’ve shown videos to has really liked the concept, it even has my girlfriend interested, an achievement (no pun intended) only one other game has, Bejeweled 2, we’ll have to wait till after Christmas to see if Microsoft has anything up it’s sleeve.

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