Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | December 6, 2006

Now Europe Has A Chance At Halo 3.

I’m reposting this from 360fanboy:

“Fear not European Halo 3 fans of the world, we’ve got the dirt on how you can go about getting access to some Halo 3 beta loving thing Spring. IGN got word that the first round of beta sign-ups will be through 33 official European Xbox community websites, where each has roughly 100 betas to giveaway in various contests. Sign-ups for the contests are at each community site and is expected to last until January then winners will be notified shortly after. Remember, this is only for European fanboys who want to sign-up for the Halo 3 beta.”

There you have a heads-up to all my Euro friends out there, hope you get a chance to sign up! I’ll see you guys on “Pimps At Sea” in a few months… Jayman007 out.

PS. Don’t miss the Halo 3/GoW video mash up along with some some Hi-Res screen shots from the Halo 3 commercial. At: Adidat.

(Via: 360fanboy)


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