Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | December 7, 2006

My Halo 3 TV Spot Remix, Simple As.

So i’ve been dabbling in video editing recently and have found it really enjoyable. So i jumped at the chance to do a remix of the Halo 3 TV spot, when the gauntlet was lay down by non other than xbox360fanboy. I really enjoyed crafting (too strong?) this finished product, destroyed by YouTube’s crappy (read: streamable) video quality. The music it is set to is Requiem of a dream, the song which shot into my head as a perfect fit for the action sequence in the commercial. Enjoy, i enjoyed making it : )

Here is a link to Requiem for a Dream, it was requested by SRUPhil on youtube for a project he is doing, a worthy cause i thought. Here we go Phil. Requiem for a Dream

UPDATE: Apologies, it seems as though the song linked was in fact the slower version of the song, without the rocking percussion of the one used in the youtube video. So, here is the faster one, let’s call it the Requiem for a Dream Remix



  1. Thanks alot. I appreciate it alot.

  2. No problem. I remember how hard i had to look when i was trying to get hold of this song, glad i could help out.

  3. Umm. Thanks for the link aswell however it feels like a slightly different song. The Halo version has percussion playing in the background but the other one is purely orchestral. Is that just me or is there a difference?

  4. Hmm, i’ll look into it, i have a couple different versions. I’ll post i back here as soon as i can. : )

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