Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | December 22, 2006

All Xbox360 Warranties Extended, Gamers Rejoice

That’s right, and they rejoiced hard!
Well, ok, not so much rejoiced, more…gained peace of mind, that if ever they’re 360 broke, even if they bought it 364 days ago, it would still be under warranty.
Microsoft has officially announced that as of today, the measly 90 day warranty of the 360 (US and Canada only boo!) has been extended to a full year, and that the warranty is retroactive also, meaning anyone who was forced to pay to have their 360 replaced after the then-90-day-warranty-period, will be fully reimbursed, with no action needed, cheques will be distributed automatically within 10 days.

This is a nice move by Microsoft, it will gain stronger brand loyalty with those who have already bought a 360 and who’ve been burned by the relatively weak warranty originally provided. Something which will be especially important to them as both the Wii and PS3 become more widely available at retail.


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