Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | December 23, 2006

‘darkSector’ Preview

darkSector, one of the very first games to be showcased as a high definition game for the xbox360. The initial trailer (right click, save as 65mb) showed fantastic visuals with an art style similar the that of the unreal series. The trailer showed a nice blend of sci fi, stealth, and bad ass action. But then all went quiet, and nothing was heard until recently, when they released another, also very good looking, trailer (right click, save as 5mb). However, something was wrong, it wasn’t the same game it was, it looked completely different, the protagonist has remains roughly the same, but his surroundings were a far cry from what was shown in the original trailer – space. This trailer didn’t get me as excited as the first had done, it didn’t have that, ‘whoa that’s pretty cool’ element to it, and people dismissed it as a game gone bad, but i thought that perhaps the trailer was just showing a different location in the game, which would be fine with me, as long as i get to play that awesome space station. There hasn’t been much revealed about darkSector, other than these two trailers, until now that is…
Gamespy have a preview of the game. It gives you details of the plot line, although not too many at this point; a good description of what is ‘essentially a discus, shuriken, and boomerang all in one’ – the protagonist’s main weapon; they talk up how visually impressive the game is; and finally, their doubts on the storyline, what with their last effort and all…Pariah.
It’s a good read, and has piqued my interest in the game. However I’m still unsure whether i like the new art style. I preferred the original art style, how about you guys?


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