Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | January 4, 2007

EA Apologizes, barely. Price Reductions also.

Today EA has apologized for a certain porn incident which happened in Utah the other day. A fourteen year old boy got a copy of Madden ’07 and to his surprise (joy?) discovered some porn. His uncle got it for him for Xmas at a Circuit City in Californa. Here is their quick and short apology to Next-Gen biz: “We regret any embarrassment or inconvenience this has caused the family.” Was it a joke and someone took it too far?
So, if you buy madden 07, be prepared for this stuff.

Also today EA lowered its prices on games for PSP and Xbox360. Here is the list for the EA 360 games.
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat – US $49.99 now: US $29.99
Fight Night Round 3 $59.99 now: $29.99
Madden NFL 07 and Madden NFL 07 Hall of Fame Edition – $59.99, now: $49.99
NHL 07 – from $59.99, now only $49.99
The Godfather – then: $59.99 now: $39.99
LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth – $49.99 now: $29.99
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 – $59.99 now: $49.99
NCAA Football – then: $49.99 now: $39.99
FIFA Soccer 07 – $59.99 now: $49.99

Now you can follow up on that Toys “R” Us visit.


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