Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | January 5, 2007

It’s Rant Time…

Okay, Rainbow Six, I love you and all that, but god DAMN, let me finish a fucking game won’t you!? Jeeesus Christ…
I’ve been playing you for days, while you’ve been digging those claws into my veins, keeping me coming back for more, quite frankly your game play is the stuff of legends, and I can’t get enough, but I’m warning you, if you keep freezing my 360 on me, then you aren’t going to be receiving any more playtime from me, that’s for sure!

Consider this if you will:
You come home from a hard day’s work, you think to yourself, I’ve not got long to go before I level up on my online rank and unlock a bunch of cool armor, camo, that kinda stuff, and so you kick back in that comfortable swivel recliner you have, turn on you’re 360, and boot up the game…you sigh, haul yourself back up and go over to the 360 and take out Viva Pinata, cursing to yourself about getting vengeance on whoever caused you this hassle by not putting Rainbow Six back in after they finished…so, you boot game, you go ahead and jump right into a Team Sharpshooter (read: Team Deathmatch) on you’re current fav. level, Kill House (original name huh?), it’s going well, you’re “poppin’ caps in they asses” like it “ain’t no thang” and you’re happy, 2 minutes to go, your 2nd in overall kills, your team has the edge, someone comes round the corner and it’s not your team, with your lightning reflexes whip your aim to they’re head, pull the trigger, and nothing, no noise, no movement, no | Pyrobi | Killed Joeblog@Genericgamertag, no NOTHING, something clicks, it’s happened again, Once again you curse under your breath threatening to cash in the warranty on this piece of crap but you decide to give it another chance…
You load it up exactly as before, same matchtype, same map, however this time it’s a much longer match, 20 minutes, 7 people per team, ‘this should be good’ you think to yourself, you step round the first corner, see a guy 30 paces away, BAM, “| Pyrobi | was killed by a shotgun”…wait, what!? That’s right, the ranges on the shotguns in RS: V are insane, you grit your teeth and live with it, albeit not happily, the enemy team takes a steep lead as your team tries to adjust to this dubbed ‘shotgun whoring’, after 10 or so minutes the enemy are 74 to 61 kills up on you, but you keep on chugging away, and dammit, your whole team works it back, you take the lead, ‘this is what dreams are made of you think’, and much like things were going before the last crash, you’re happy, 1 minute 30 seconds to go, it’s neck and neck, down to the wire, you spy a couple of guys camping in a train cart (bastards…), one of them sees you and runs toward you, you take him out, the other’s haven’t seen, you toss a grenade, it lands at their feet, it lands at their feet, it lands at their feet, nothing it happening… No good, it’s frozen again: oh you motherlover!!
After calming down, from a fit of loud incoherent babbling with the occasional audible swear word, I sit here writing this, and looking at the screen in despair: Alpha team: 112, Bravo team(my team): 120, 1:06 remaining…I won’t be going on Rainbow Six anymore this evening…


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