Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | January 6, 2007

And so the Halo 3 online testing continues…

Just a little thing I noticed whilst logging into a few moments ago. It would seem that the Halo 3 testing is still going ahead, Major Nelson was playing the Halo 3 beta not so long ago, indicating that indeed the developers are very keen to one up Halo 3’s predecessor in the online play department, if not all departments. As long as we don’t have to watch the blue screen of someone-is-standbying-my-ass it will have trumped it in our books!
Bungie must be very serious about making Halo 3 the mother of all shoot ’em ups, they seem to be covering all the bases, despite this little known Beta turning out to be a chaotic mess, not their fault I’m sure. Well, at least it is a mess for people outside the US, much like a third of the people here at 360insight.
What are your thoughts, is this an indication that the Beta may be coming sooner than we think?


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