Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | January 10, 2007

More ‘The Darkness’ Images

And oh my does it look good. The lucky guys over at Gamertagradio got a brilliant batch of images for the upcoming game from Starbreeze, The Darkness. Its over 10 times the amount of images 2k games released for Bioshock, and the detail in the images (some of which are of the 720p variety) is simply fantastic, the lighting is used very well to create a great contrast between the light and, erm, the darkness. You can view all the images over at flickr, or alternatively, you could just have a look at (and click for larger versions) some choice pictures below. Here’s a little rundown of some of the features you can expect from the game when it ships to retail sometime this quarter, followed by those images:

• Based on the comic book “The Darkness”, created by Top Cow.
• Game story written in collaboration with acclaimed comic-book author, Paul Jenkins.
• Experience extremely intense cinematic action in this gritty, first-person, action-adventure game with a horror twist: you are the horror!
• Varying manifestations of the Darkness allow you to devour, impale or implode your enemies.
• Cannibalize the corpses of your slain victims and transform them into Darklings – impish and hilarious demonites that commit unspeakable acts.
• The absence of light feeds and replenishes the Darkness so seek the shadows wherever possible.
• Fight your way through the dark and seedy underbelly of New York City as well as the ethereal realm of the Darkness.
• Play as Darklings in online multiplayer games and face other players in traditional multiplayer modes as well as all-new innovative game modes.
• Developed by the team behind the award winning, “The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay”.

Now, it’s media time…
Same damage effect as RS: V. In other news, nice helmet.

Aw man, looks like he just got hit by the Cole Train

Taken straight from Viva Pinata, nope, wouldn’t wanna meet this critter in dark alley…

Awesome detail

Now, compared to the last set of images we brought to you guys, do you think it’s getting better and better, or still only warranting a ‘meh’?


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