Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | January 11, 2007

Heavy Weapons – XBLA’s Next Release

Heavy Weapon is another original game (No retro classics wanted here!) coming out for the Xbox Live Arcade, and is scheduled to be released next Wednesday. IGN got a chance to play the game in a pretty much complete build at the CES 2007 show. Luckily for us, they wrote up a small preview of the game. Sounds very simple to play, and very fun to boot, if the image above doesn’t intrigue you, how about the promise of co op, lots and lots of explosions, a boss blitz mode – you pitted against boss after boss to see how long you can survive, a standard survival mode, and full leaderboard support?

Is this appealing to your destructive nature, or do you think developers have to work a bit harder in order for you to fork out for some XBLA goodness? What would you like to see from the Arcade?


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