Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | January 15, 2007

Circuit City and Best Buy sale

If you go to your local Circuit City store you may find some good deals on certain games.
You might want to do this before January 20 when the sale is over. The prices on the games have been lowered about $20 us. So Here for you is the xbox 360 portion of the list.

NBA 2k7 $39.99 ( reg $59.99)
Eragon $39.99 (reg $59.99)

Thats the drawback only 2 games. But we here at 360insight recommend NBA 2k7 thats just our opinion.

Now at Best Buy the deals are online. I won’t say to much but the major one is pre-ordering Halo3 and getting a $4.99 1600 MS points (in our opinion 🙂 ) But there are a lot of bargins so I would head on over with this link and check them out.

Best Buy

So spend your money wisely.



  1. Do you even have Best Buy and Circuit City in the UK?

  2. No, no we do not. But the majority of readers are american regardless.

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