Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | January 18, 2007

The XboxThreeFreezeAlot

Bah. My 360 has lasted up until now. I suppose I’ve been lucky really, having a ‘first-batch’ 360 and not experiencing any real problems until now. At first, i thought it was just the latest game, but no, this evening my 360 went into a freezing frenzy, even without a disk in the drive, so I’m going to have to cash in on this extented 2 year warranty of mine, which I’m very glad I’ve got, otherwise I’d be forking out for a brand new one.
Although this post contains a distinct lack of anger unlike that found in my last post, I assure you, it’s there, it’s just hiding…



  1. What is an XboxThree???

  2. Save your pennies, get the rumoured new model instead!

    Mine freezes sometimes, but more often than not it’s because of the software rather than the hardware itself. Case in point the second-hand copy of PGR3 I bought… : /

  3. Yeah i will do that. I’ll have to, my 360’s warranty ran out a short while ago. But i’ll say i called before the warranty was over and i was told to call back if i had anymore problems, so i’ll get a replacement and sell that once the new model comes out, win win…win 😀

  4. SCAMMER! I’m calling MS, and I’m gonna worn them… Oh wait, it’s too late… Damn.

  5. No need, no need my dear Jay, the ‘case’ got taken to the highest level only for them to tell me it wasn’t possible, which is a shame. I should ‘worn’ you not to bother… although someone from kotaku managed the feat.

  6. Thank you

  7. I think

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