Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | February 8, 2007

Halo 3 Beta Has A Catch!

Now everybody knows how the beta is going to shake down, you need the Crackdown disc to play the Halo 3 beta. So there goes my (and everyone else’s) plan to turn around and sell their copy of Crackdown. Now this is a crappy way for Microsoft to make everyone hold on to their copy of Crackdown until after the beta is over. Now this also sucks because to play Pimps At Sea, I can’t just go to the “demo” section of the dashboard and pick Halo 3 Beta… I have to put the Crackdown disc in and then select Halo 3 from the menu. If the Halo 3 Beta was included on the disc that would be great and reasonable way to access the game but the fact that I still have to download the games to my hard drive and then put in a disc to play the content that is stored on my hard drive seems a little strange.



  1. Is that when you buy crackdown
    Oh jay I’m Geo Gamers on xbox live

  2. just in case

  3. I fail to see why having to use the disk is such a huge burdon…have you never installed a computer game and was required the disk to play it…? Or is it you don’t have any interest in Crackdown and your one of the people buying the game for the demo…?

  4. It’s not so much a burden as unnecessary.

  5. If it was an open beta yea it would be unnecessary…but if you didn’t get in via 3’s or straight up invite then this is you last chance to…

    Don’t just but this game for the beta though…crackdown is going to be a solid game…

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