Posted by: Matt | April 17, 2007

What’s got me hooked this week?

Guitar Hero II, that’s what.

So first off let me introduce myself, I’m Matt and I’m the new addition to the 360 insight team. You can expect opinionated posts from myself, as well as news and reviews (when I get around to doing them…)

Enough about me anyway, more about a game so addicting I now have callouses on my fingers and my X-Plorer guitar has bloodstains on the once-pristine white body…

From the opening riff of ‘Woman’ I was utterly hooked, though being a guitar player I found myself frustratingly adding more notes than necessary on the Easy setting, so I ramped up to medium for more of a challenge.

The concept is simple, nail notes as they come conveyor belting down the screen towards you on a representation of a guitar neck, by holding one of five fret buttons and pushing up or down on the strum bar. But that’s not all, for those of you who know your guitar slang you can hammer-on and pull-off to really take those fast sections for all they’re worth. Easy will find you hitting the first three frets, Medium will add the fourth and throw notes at you faster, whilst hard will add in the fifth fret, more chords and get faster still. Tackling Expert… Well, it’s for all five buttons, it’s really fast, and there’s a ridiculous amount of notes. I’m currently trying (and mostly failing) to tame Hard, and the game just keeps calling me to play more. Oh, I wasn’t joking about the blood, I caused myself a blood blister on my strumming finger which subsequently popped during the next song I played.

Guitar Hero II Gameplay Screenshot

The soundtrack is awesome, and all the songs I didn’t know I downloaded. If you like your old rock (and even if you don’t) you’ll love playing some absolute classics such as ‘Message in a Bottle’ and ‘Jessica’ (the theme-tune to Top Gear no less!)

So I suppose that’s my first post for 360insight, and I close with an order for every one of you. Buy Guitar Hero II. It retails for 70 quid here in merry England (’bout $140), which seems steep but is most definitely worth it.

Happy Shredding!


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