Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | May 3, 2007

Splinter Cell: Conviction Details!

Splinter Cell: Conviction is the fast approaching, and much talked about Xbox 360 exclusive Splinter Cell which Ubisoft and Microsoft announced last year. Nothing else was revealed on top of the announcement, but Finnish magazine ‘Foreign Magaza Pelaaja’ has recently published details some of the goods you can expect to see in the next Splinter Cell installment involving your favourite stealth bad ass.

Read on for the deets!


The game takes place in broad daylight this time, but don’t worry, it is still a stealth action game. At the beginning of the game, Sam learns that Anna Grimsdottir (Anna is the person in charge of intelligence gathering for Third Echelon, and an old friend of Sam’s) is in danger so Sam joins up with Third Echelon once more in order to help. Unfortunately, 3E is not what it used to be, and Sam frequently gets incomplete and bad intel, as well as the wrong equipment. All this, and the 3E bosses are in the middle of a political squabble for control. Sam eventually finds out that the threat is actually coming from inside Third Echelon itself, so he leaves and basically becomes a fuigitive. Looks like Sam is on the wrong side of the law once more, this time for real.”

In addition, some more details have been released and brought to my attention thanks to you guys.
As stated earlier, the game takes place in broad daylight, but where does the stealth come in, what is my cover? Your cover will in most cases be crowds, similar to Assassins Creed we would say – this feature is being dubbed ‘dynamic cover’, a term developers have used before, yet never really pulled off that successfully.
There will be a hero instincts meter of sorts, which will allow Sam to see enemies with infrared style vision.
The close combat is being likened to the ‘Bourne’ series of movies and books.
The physics engine will play a more prevalent role in the gameplay this time round, meaning you can use things such as furniture to block doors and other cool possibilities.

And that’s your lot. For the few images which have been revealed, more like concept drawings if you ask us, head over to GamersReports.

-Daniel O’Brien


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