Posted by: Jon Walter | May 6, 2007

Catan Trial Preview

Ok, so, I’m Jon, this is my first post, now that’s out the way.

I downloaded Catan on Friday, and played with intent to get this up to you on Friday, but I got lazy, and it’s up now, by now a lot of people have probably played, fair enough.

“The Settlers of Catan” is an extremely popular board game based on the resource rich island of Catan, 4 players are in a race to harvest the island and also populate it, this is from building Settlements and Cities around the hexagonal tiles of each resource, but building isn’t free, and you need resources to build, so not only do you have to gather, but also trade with other players to get what you need.

Read on for more info…

So, I opened the game, and commenced playing, all the tiles were laid down and then the settlements were (I sadly am unable to upgrade to the full version, in the full version you manually place settlements) and commenced the game, I rolled the dice first. Dice rolling doesn’t affect only myself, each tile has a number from 2 to 12, if the dice roll matches that number then anyone with a settlement bordering that tile gains a resource. I roll a 4, it doesn’t affect me, my heart sank, I opened the trade window and passed some Lumber on to someone for some brick, I build a road and I’ve made my first step to winning this game, I then end my turn.

That in essence is just one turn, the pace quickens as everyone starts building roads, which then lead to settlements and trade start fluctuating, Catan is a very interesting game and get quick fast paced when you’re racing to get to a certain resource before someone else, however as with most turn based games things can get pretty slow.

I assume the game is accurate to it’s board game predecessor, having never played that version I can’t tell you. I did however think the game was simple to pick up, and fun, but did have a tendency to drag on. The game also crashed for me a couple of times when I was trading.

The scoring system for the game is easy to understand, you gain a star for doing different things, such as having the most settlements, or having the longest road.

The music and sound effects I found were quite pleasant, as did I find the graphics, the graphics were very simple, as they were flat and looked like the tiles from the board game version, however there is a 3D World in the full version, I also liked the sending emotions at players I sent out lots of Hearts at my AI opponents, and found that they were very pretty, but will probably get annoying in online play when someone constantly spams them.

In my opinion everyone should at least download the trial version of this game and give it a go and form your own opinion on unlocking it, if I could, I would.

Enjoy, Jon



  1. Catan is a great addition to the XBLA. I’m really enjoying it.

  2. I tried this game but it wasn’t for me

  3. This is my first post
    just saying HI

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