Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | May 11, 2007

Finally, Crackdown Downloadable Content

And oh my was the wait worth it. This is exactly what I wanted from my Crackdown experience, exactly what I felt was missing, and they’re rectified all my issues of what Crackdown could have been in one swoop!

With this new downloadable content, split into two parts (one free, one 800 MS points): you get the rest of your gamerscore points (WOO) and some more, making the total number of gamerscore points in crackdown the same as Oblivion – 1250; you get a host of new modes, including ‘god’ mode; more street races; the ability to spawn objects, like, LOADS of them, think the scene in white room from ‘The Matrix’. FWOOM! There’s your equipment! ^_^
Read on for the videos…
Here are the videos, each breaking down some of the additions you’ll be receiving with this brand spanking new content.

First one up, the ‘Keys to the City’ mode

Next, the new Equipment you’ll get – Armored car anyone!?

The new Street Racing Modes

The New Gametypes (ROCKET TAG!! 🙂 )

Now, whose excited for all this new content?! I’ve already purchased the non-free edition, anyone coming with me?


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