Posted by: Matt | May 15, 2007

Does Whatever a Spider… Can’t.

I am in two minds about Spiderman 3.

On the one hand, I loved webbing round the city, kicking various villainous behinds and averting random crimes ranging from petty theft and joyriding, to hostage situations and jail breaks… On the other hand, I hated forcing myself through a game that had more bugs than your average ant farm, shoddy dialogue and very unimpressive graphics.

So, lets get the bad out of the way first, and review the ever loving [profanity] out of Spiderman 3. By the way, If you haven’t seen the movie or completed the game I don’t know what ***spoilers*** are abound, so you have been warned.


I write this review having just completed all of the main missions in the game. The map system and mission selection is easy to use, if a little slow to react, and the markers on your HUD for navigation can be a little confusing at first. These minor irritations were soon replaced by slightly more major ones as 2 pedestrians glitched through the pavement whilst exploring on the way to my first mission. In my book that is just plain sloppy. Now, I feel slightly guilty for just bashing the glitches, as I’m sure the release date for the game coinciding with the movie caused alot of time constraints for the developers, but I am left feeling slightly bitter that I have devoted a good few days of my life to the completion of the main storyline of this game. Those are days I will never see again, and they could probably have been put to greater use, but god help me if I knew that the entire time. What I’m saying is for all it’s horribly done aspects, Spiderman 3 almost got it right. I was left saying to myself, “Oh I’ll give it another chance, and another…” Just because it was so much fun just BEING Spidey for a little while.

Before I move onto the positives, here is the list of grievances I have with the game:

Camera Angles – When Spidey jumped from a tall building, he disappeared from the bottom of the screen until he hit the floor or started webbing. Also, I could not get the hang of catching falling people, so I’m blaming the camera angles for that one too.

General Glitchiness – Disappearing through the floor halfway through a mission a couple of times got on my nerves. As did the game freezing, the Kingpin being able to hit me whilst I was on the ceiling despite him having no superpowers, and the last Apocalypse Thug I needed to take out being stuck INSIDE A WALL where I could not reach him, resulting in me having to start a mission all over again.

Venom’s Webbing – Should not be white. It is, until the last cutscene! So this is kind of a petty one, yeah…

The Daily Bugle – Was destroyed in one mission, and magically perfect again afterwards.

Flint Marko – Aka the sandman, a wanted, dangerous murderer/supervillain, walked off with his daughter at the end whilst a nearby policeman did not bat an eyelid.

There are a few other continuity/nonsensical errors including hearing the same quote four or five times in one boss battle, but I shall leave those and move on to…

THE POSITIVE! OmigodSpideyisjustamazing! … It was immense being Spidey, and webbing about, running along walls, webbing some more, stopping a crime, and just generally doing whatever a spider can. If I didn’t love Spiderman I don’t think I’d have finished the game. Some nice touches I enjoyed were:

Swinging with Mary Jane – There are certain missions that entail taking MJ for a swing in the city, doing what she told you, just for the hell of it. I liked those.

Following the Movie – Most of the game didn’t, but some of it did, and that was fun.

Superhero Reflex Cutscenes – Tap buttons according to what you’re told on the screen, to make Spidey do cool stuff. Enjoyed those immensely.

The Combat System – Massive amount of attacks and combos, and tonnes of combos to learn and devastating super attack upgrades to be had.

Dark Suit Spiderman – Looked awesome, was faster and stronger, and had the BEST name for an attack I’ve ever seen in a game ever. Two words: DARK. ROFLCOPTER.

In conclusion, If you love Spiderman you’ll enjoy the game. If you’re a gaming purist or just toying with the idea of buying, I wouldn’t bother. Hope this review was entertaining and not too full of bull-poo.

-Matt Turner.



  1. This really makes me want to (at the very least) rent the game.

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