Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | May 23, 2007

Ubidays ’07: Assassins Creed trailer causes jaws to drop

Assassins Creed

Ubisoft is currently hosting an event in which they get to exclusively showcase their upcoming games however they want. A good event for them to show of the really good aspects of their games I’m sure. But as someone who isn’t attending this magnificent event, it’s the media which comes out of this event which interests us the most. And so on to this, the new trailer of Assassins Creed

The quality on that video isn’t so great, i’ll admit – it is youtube after all. So I give you this, a direct link (that means right click and ‘save as’ kids 🙂 )to download a HD version of this video delight. Make sure you have a computer than can handle some seriously high quality video: 1280 x 720 resolution and clocks in at 115mb.

Now that you’ve either watched the youtube video or downloaded and watched the glorious almost-high-definition version, what do you think of the game? Has your desire for the game risen? Do you think this game should be put into our Most Anticipated section? Sound off in the comments below!

Daniel O’Brien


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