Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | August 9, 2007

Bungie Studios Interview

image The lucky guys over at Gamersyde, with thanks to the folks at XCN, managed to score an exclusive interview with those magical people at Bungie; Frank O’Conner, and Brian Jarrard. It’s a very good interview with some excellent questioning, but no jaw dropping bomb shells are revealed. However it provides a really nice insight on the way things go down on the inside at Bungie, and of course plenty of talk of Halo 3. Read on for some choice extracts, and a link to the full interview at Gamersyde.

You seem to have made a decision to share more information about Halo 3’s campaign mode pre-launch than you did with Halo 2. Was this a conscious decision, and why?
FC: The Halo story is rich and complex and we really just wanted to get fans up to speed on current events in the game. We don’t want Halo 3 to be in any way unapproachable for a novice player who never played the first two titles. It’s important to note that you don’t need to have played these earlier instalments to know what is going on in Halo 3 but by giving away a few more details of the story ahead of launch we’re able to ease players in to the experience – whether it’s the first time or they completed parts one and two a couple of years back.


Do you feel to have been able to reach the highest possible technical and artistic expression with Halo 3? Have there been any constraints on your creativity?
FC: Yes. There really hasn’t been a single idea that we have wanted to implement in the game from the start, which we haven’t put in there. Now it’s more a case of deciding where to rein things in and what to leave out. We could have implemented even larger battles with even higher numbers but this wouldn’t necessarily make the game better or more fun to play.


The customisable Spartan armour suggests you want to offer a more personalised experience. Is that a fair comment, and are there any other things you’ve added to this end?
BJ: Yes I think that is a fair comment. With the online modes player like to feel a sense of ownership over their character, undoubtedly. What with the sets of customisable armour and the different logos and colours we calculated the other day that there will be over four trillion different permutations of characters – more than enough for everybody who plans to express themselves uniquely!


Still want to know more, that’s good, ’cause there’s plenty more here.


Daniel O’Brien


  1. Hehe, there’s a guy called BJ…..

  2. Nice find.

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