Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | August 9, 2007

Halo 3 First Ever Single Player Hands On

Oh you damn right!

Much to the joy of any Halo 3 fanatic, 1UP have graced us with some hands on impressions of the single player side of Halo 3. Big news to nigh-on all of you I’m sure, and also I’m sure you’re all desperate to get over there and get your reading glasses on, so I will leave you with this, a link to the article in question, fiendishly disguised as an image of Master Chief competently dispatching one of those fabled golden armored Brutes! So click on the image to go forth to said article!!



Daniel O’Brien



  1. Nice find.

  2. Why does your blog have to look better than mine???

  3. Hell man, i think your site is awesome, we were just lucky to get a theme so relevant to the 360 😀
    And, WordPress Rocks. 🙂

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