Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | August 9, 2007

TimeShift stops messing with time, settles on 30th October release date


TimeShift is one of those poor games which gets trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of delays, redesigns, and delays, but none of that matters now, because as of 30th October, they’ll be no time for non of the redesignin’ jibber jabberin’ nonsense!

I must say, I love the this newly released box art, it’s one of those box arts that makes me happy inside, is that a little strange, actually, don’t answer that.

Obviously in the game you get to do all manner of timeshifting, and I don’t mean the term referring to scheduling your TV programs to a time more suitable for you. So if you’d like a bit more of an insight into what the game is all about, there’s a nice little trailer going down at the game’s official website.

I’m sure as we approach the game’s not so distant release, we will get a whole host of new information, trailers, and lord knows maybe even a demo on the marketplace, happy days.


Daniel O’Brien



  1. So, ‘cus you said “insight” in the article, do all your readers win some kind of prize?

  2. Only the clever little buggers which spot it! 😀

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