Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | January 9, 2008

The Club Impressions


This morning we sat down and played The Club demo which only yesterday plopped itself onto the Xbox Live Marketplace, and it’s almost, almost  there. Graphically, the game is beautiful, although the version we played seemed to have a few contrast issues, there were some very dark spots where enemies were and from what I can recall this is no stealth game. And this is coming from someone who turns their TV’s contrast and brightness up as soon as they get them. I’m sure there was an option in there somewhere but it really was a whistle stop tour of the demo. The first thing that struck me was the presentations levels, which were superb throughout, and the second thing? Well, the ridiculously strong English accents! I mean, there’s no denying I’m probably from the more ‘posh’ sounding area of England, but these accents put my Oxfordian accent to shame in the posh-o-meter readings. Anyway, I’m sure the American’s will lap it up…

The gameplay was always going to be the decider for me, as the premise of the gameplay was certainly appealing – blast your way through a level trying to rack up multi kills, style kills and combine them all up for a lovely jubbly MASSIVE DAMAGE high score…Bizarre are very much applying their Kudos ethos found in the Project Gotham and Metropolis Street Racer series’ to a shoot ’em up, and on paper, it works.

Like I said, it almost works, and as much as it pains me to say this, the gameplay just feels a bit clumsy, and there are a few gripes I have with certain design decisions, like why for example, does my machine gun clip last for approximately 1.87 seconds when I have umpteen enemies to kill at any one time? Why doesn’t my gun shoot the very damn second I pull the trigger? And why, when I’m sprinting, does the camera bob up and down with more ferocity than a fat kid on a bouncy castle?

Maybe I haven’t given it enough time. Maybe I’m just not good at it. Or maybe it really isn’t that good. But if I were you, I’d still give it a go if you can because it still shows a lot of promise.

Daniel O’Brien

music note While writing this, I was listening to “ – 1UP Yours – 01/04/2008” by Staff


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