Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | January 15, 2008

Turok: Cause goodness knows them Dino’s need a good kick to the throat

turokLet’s get it out of the way, there is a Turok demo out on marketplace for every region bar Japan. Don’t believe me, click on the Turok Demo in the ‘Now on Xbox Live Marketplace’ feed. It’s 1.17 Jiggabytes, so it’s of some heft. We’ve yet to play it yet, as is the nature of the as-it-happens news here, (that’s just how we ‘roll’) but honestly, we wouldn’t get your hopes up unless you really do love you some Dino hunting. Or kicking, as the previous picture would suggest. For more information the Turok Official Website is a well put together flash based affair with good pictures, video and info. Last but not least is the promise of some impressions from both myself and new recruit Ant sometime in the next few days. Till then, get gaming.


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