Posted by: Matt | January 16, 2008

And now for something completely different…

Okay, I lied, I shall in fact talk some more about The Club.

Ant has already given you the rundown, so I won’t be boring you with game details, but I will present MY viewpoint on the game, which consists of me being absolutely smitten.

From start to… well I haven’t finished playing through it yet, but from start to present I loved and still do love this game. A lot of the game mechanics; explosive barrels, skullshots (placards you can use to keep your kill combo tickin’) ammo pickups, remembering to SPRINT LIKE FUCK between kills and the general trigger happy mayhem, take alot of getting used to and I found myself, once I’d moved up from the first challenge-less casual difficulty runthrough, getting a pretty poor score and even actually not completing levels, as any type of play that is not run and gun simply does not work. At all.

However it’s not until you find yourself pinging off a few shots at a skull, taking three guys out with an equal number of consecutive headshots and pulling an action roll before blowing up some mo-fo’s with a barrel, that you realise you’ve quickly become accustomed to how the game plays and that’s when it starts to get really good.

I’m a little disappointed there wasn’t another playable character for the demo, and I share Ant’s concern about it being maybe a little short lived, but it’s the kind of game that map packs and new characters can reign supreme, and I’m sure ‘Real’ difficulty level will be very, VERY challenging.

That’s your lot.

I Toynip I


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