Posted by: KoKroach (Koratte) | January 16, 2008

Shit on a Biscuit!

I’ve already had a nice long rant about a certain someone recently, but I feel I should point out that he has posted a nice easy-to-read 5-point retaliatory article, which you are free to read and scoff at as you wish. Feel free to get offended too, lord knows I did.

This post is also to show you this comic from Penny Arcade, that sums up this guy’s personality perfectly.

After calling all gamers “Gamer nerds” in his recent article, I think he retrospectively deserved the Internet backlash he received from angry gamers, such as these ‘alleged’ emails:

“… flood my inbox with response, the gist of these responses went something along these lines, “YOU LIED, YOU LIED, YOU LIED.” Some called me a yellow journalist, some just typed the “F” word something like 27 times, and signed it, “have a good day.”.”

In my opinion, that’s a step too far. I wouldn’t really call him a journalist…

My favourite email is this example he posted to his blog:

“I hope someone hits you over the head with a dictionary, putting you into a coma. The financial strain on your family would eventually force your son to sell his video games. Your son would have to go several years without a father figure in his life, giving him a handful of psychological and emotional complexes.
Then, years later when you wake up from your coma, you find your son to be a full-blown adult. He lives far away now. You track him down to let him know that you’re back. You meet up with his lovely friend Jim, whom he must blow for drug money. You try to change his ways, but he wont budge.
It all comes to a climax when he bludgeons you to death in a particularly heated argument. He then empties your pockets, strips you naked, sodomizes your corpse and uses his connections in the rough part of town to have your body dumped, leading Police to believe you picked up a tranny, were robbed, and then killed.”

I don’t even want to give this guy any more attention, partly as it’s obviously intended to be his “ticket out of obscurity”, and partly because I don’t feel I should throw insults at some bible-bashing liar, it’s just not nice.


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