Posted by: KoKroach (Koratte) | January 16, 2008

The Club Demo – More Impressions

Dan seemed to warm to The Club, so I thought I’d give it a second chance, knowing that we’re an almost identical skill level when it comes to shooters. After competing the demo level once on casual (first time, booyeah), I first decided this game was too lame to deserve a place on my constantly brimming Xbox hardrive, and cast it aside, deleting it. But I downloaded it again, to give you lovely readers an insight into the ups and downs, from a viewpoint more inclined to enjoy the slower-paced side of shooting people in the face.

I think my biggest problem with it, along with me not quite being the best gamer in the world, is that I prefer a slightly more tactical approach to my shooters – not quite Ghost Recon-ey, but I like to have to option between taking cover and lobbing a grenade after assessing the situation, or just running and gunning it, with a fairly decent chance of survival.

This game however doesn’t give you any such freedom – make it to the exit, as fast as possible – it’s adrenaline pumping action through and through. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but with just the 8 levels shown, it could be a very short-lived game. However for the one level available in the demo, there are 6 possible game modes, 4 of which are greyed out.

The 2 modes available in the demo are sprint and time attack. The other 4 gametypes include another sprint, ‘run the gauntlet’, ‘siege’, and ‘survivor’. Sprint involves a run through the area to the exit, taking out the enemies as you go, quite simple really. Time attack is a 3 lap run of a different route around the prison compound, with more guys to kill each time you pass through an area. It is made more complicated by having a timer that counts down, and when it hits 0 “the micro-explosives that you have been injected with will detonate”, so of course first time through I just stood there and waited to see some gore. Unfortunately no TF2-type dismemberment, but it gives you the message. You start off with a measly time of around 20 seconds, depending on the difficulty, but you can add time to it by killing people and doing special moves. There are no details for siege and survivor, but the website gives this info on Run the Gauntlet: “is exactly how it sounds; a point-to-point race against the clock! Sprint through the level comboing as many enemies as possible, but don’t stop! Time is against you, and your only defence is your speed.” Sounds just like time attack, but without having laps..

After playing the club for a good hour or two, I have definitely warmed to it, but I still couldn’t see myself going out and buying the game, not for more than £25 anyway. That is, unless the tournament and gunplay modes are as fun and re-playable as the Bizarre site suggests they are. 



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