Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | January 17, 2008

Fifa Street 3 and it’s animated caricatures

fifa-street-3-20071022100354204The Fifa Street series has always been, in my eyes, an attempt by EA to make just that little bit more money by changing the normal Fifa a little. Making the pitch smaller, reducing the amount of players, and throwing in some outlandish moves and animation. And what was the result, a typical sub-par game I have expected to come from EA. So with the third game in the series, as you can see, they’ve gone for this bizarre caricature-esque style to differentiate Street a little more from the standard Fifa. Which is a good decision really, as it enables them to put in even more crazy and off the wall (often literally) animations which provide a treat for the eyes (when the camera manages stays still long enough without zipping after the ball which now travels at a bazillion miles an hour). The basic gist of the game is still whoever scores the most goals wins, however the more tricks you pull off – which is in my experience running around wiggling the right thumbstick – the more your power bar builds up, and once it reaches max, click the right bumper and your whole teams instantly becomes stronger, faster and has the ability to score from pretty much anywhere. With my time with it I found the best fun was running up the walls and tapping shoot at the top to unless some crazy hybrid of a cartwheel and a volley whilst mid-air to often spectacular success. If all this is sounding very appealing to you, or even if you’re just curious, the big ’emsoft’ and EA have made it easy for you by releasing a very small demo. One game, Brazil vs England, 5 minutes, play as many times as you like, in a tiny little 293mb package. Go give it a ‘shot’. Ugh.


music note While writing this, I was listening to “Chasing Pavements” by Adele


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