Posted by: KoKroach (Koratte) | January 18, 2008

Apologies, for me? Woot.

Remember Kev?  Mr. McCullough?  Big fat liar?  Yeah, that guy.

He’s issued an apology to the gaming universe, ooh yeah. Feels good, doesn’t it. He’s been proven wrong, as the “undercover shop” survey in America shows that the number of minors successfully purchasing an M rated game has dropped from 85% to 42% between 2000 and 2005.

He’s also been offered ‘professional’ advice from hundreds of gamers next time he wants to mention a game in one of his articles. He finishes his article by saying:

“in their argument the ‘percentage’ of objectionable content is heavily outweighed by the overwhelming amount of content leading up to it. Point well made…
It is for me however the presence of the content at all that I reacted strongly too.”

But for ME, the presence of objectionable content is not a problem, as 99% of the time it’s stuff you couldn’t miss before you bought the game, like blood and gore in a shooter. The other 1% is stuff like the sex in Mass Effect, which you have to put a fair bit of work into getting to see, and you’re going to know something a bit dirty is on it’s way if you’re flirting like a mad thing with a blue, unisex, and strangely hawt, alien.


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