Posted by: KoKroach (Koratte) | February 2, 2008

Apologies, for YOU.

We here at team 360insight apologise for the lack of posts recently, but it’s Uni exam season again.

So yeah, back to the news; we’ve been swamped with new arcade games and cool new Demo’s in the last week or two. Though the most notable in my opinion is the Conflict: Denied Ops (Singleplayer, and most importantly, co-op 😀 ) Demo.

Dan and myself are HUGE co-op fans, so expect a review of this in the coming weeks, a very critical one at that. We played the original Conflict game for days on end, and we both hope this fifth instalment in the series can come upto scratch, after several years as a mediocre shooter.

Other Demos that we’ve missed include Beautiful Katamari’s European release, Devil May Cry 4, and Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. The team’s favourite new XBLArcade release is Rez HD, and two other notable games were released recently too, Chessmaster Live and Boogie Bunnies.

Rez HD and Boogie Bunnies have had a very warm reception by many on the marketplace, less so for Chessmaster Live, but what do you expect from a chess simulator? I’ve toyed with the trial out of interest, and it is a solid game, but it’s still chess.


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