Posted by: Matt | February 3, 2008

Rez, DMC 4, Turnpoint, Conflict: My thoughts.

I’ll start with the outright awful, and move on to the downright joyful of my recent experiences on Live. Out recently were the Conflict: Denied Ops, and Turnpoint: Fall of Liberty demos. Both are truly terrible.

Turnpoint has you starting on top of a half finished structure above a building site, when the Jerries in their flying death machines start bombing the everloving crap out of you, but the first thing that hit me wasn’t, “Oh my god, I’ve got to move!” but something more like “Oh my god… This game looks like arse.” Then I moved and looked around, and it got even worse. The look speed was incredibly twitchy and carried on moving after I released the right stick, but I gave it a chance and changed the sensitivity to medium from high… Only to be treated to the mobility of cold treacle as my character moved along a girder, went to take a left turn at 90 degrees, missing it entirely as he shot off at an angle more like 30. I dread to think what slow sensitivity would have been. So I loaded again, walked the girders slowly to the ground as the linear path presented itself as parts of the structure blew up (adding as much tension to the scene as would be afforded by, say, a poodle with a little ribbon in it’s hair, or some relaxing music) and I eventually ran sluggishly from the building site to batter a Nazi to death with my bare hands and the aid of the nearby building ledge. This was the highpoint of the demo. From here I quickly became bored with the poor controls and the shitty graphics, so after two more Nazis I switched off.

Conflict: DO, lasted even less time, as Dan and I ran into the first encounter and I was killed instantly, Dan reviving me only for the both of us to be blown to bloody chunks as I got up. Again, the graphics were arse, though the controls were pretty much what you’d expect, generic sort of layout.

Now it’s time for an absolute instant buy, and if you have the 800 points but still haven’t bought it, you should be ashamed of yourself. I speak, of course, about Rez HD, an ingenious music, trancey, shooty, hacky, trippy, gorgeously sexy little game. The premise is simple, your little on-screen avatar flies itself through cyberspace made up of vector-like graphics, and you lock onto and shoot down visual representations of viruses that will either fly straight past you, eat you, crush you, or fire missiles at you. “But Matt,” I hear you cry, “That sounds too simple to keep me entertained for hours on end like you seem to think it will!” … That would be where you are wrong and a complete moron, because as your every lock on, laser shot, enemy explosion and level completion awards you with little sound effects that sit perfectly with the background music and a vibration through the controller to match, you’ll find yourself enveloped in the sensory experience that is Rez. Turn on other controllers and they’ll rhythmically match the beat of the tune you’re playing as well, so you can either self-pleasure or keep the missus entertained, depending on how attractive you are. My one niggle is that vibration is not turned on as standard, which seems odd to me. Awesome features are the different visual and audio effects you can apply to your game, increasing and decreasing the acid trip effects as you see fit. Seriously, buy Rez.

Last, but by no means least, Devil May Cry 4 has brought back so many fond memories, even down to the same sound effects as (in my honest opinion) Capcom’s finest game, the original Devil May Cry. Now, I didn’t play DMC 3, which I have heard was pretty solid, but I remember my brief play of DMC 2 and the sadness it brought as it ruined the franchise for me. Having played this recent demo however, my hopes are up and my excitement through the roof to the point where the first thing I did after finally beating Berial, the fire demon at the end of the demo, (after 3 playthroughs, the bastard) was get myself online and preorder DMC4. I await it’s arrival with bated breath. What makes this addition to the series so much fun is the return to the form of the old DMC for PS2, (fyi, ok?) the speed, the style, the downright hectic sword slashy gun toting mayhem and more demons than you can shake a stick at. Ladies and Gents, prepare for good times.

Thanks for reading, I’ve rambled a bit so I don’t blame you if you want to poke my eyes out, but if by some small miracle someone reads this and actually decides to buy DMC4 or Rez, my work will be complete.

That’s your lot.



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