Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | February 6, 2008

So. My 360’s broke.

Always a painful thing to say out loud, but I knew this day was coming, it had to, I’m still on my launch 360 after all…

But why, why oh why, did it have to RROD on me now? I am of course (or not) referring to, ‘the-post-exam-gaming-extravaganza-fortnight’ which every student goes through once in a while. Now, I am somewhat a believer of a little thing called karma, so it was of no surprise to me that my 360 RROD’eed on me whilst playing that ‘quick game before I begin revision’. Now whilst some would agree it’s karma, other’s would say it’s ‘crap’. So with my last exam successfully completed today, I find myself sitting here, writing this, with a broken 360 sat unplugged and unloved (and unplayed!) beside me.

It’s an agonizing time I’m sure you’ll concur, those of you who’ve had a 360 die on you, but especially more so seeing as I’d just come to the realization of just how deep and downright fucking awesome Rez HD really is. There are an incredible amount of unlockables which go way beyond simple beating the four standard areas, which is a synaesthesic delight in it’s own right. At this rate my stack (and it is a stack) of games to play through (not ‘cheevo’ whore as some would suggest) will never dip below 5 games.

Anyway, what’s broke is broke, and I sure as hell can’t fix it, so I’ve decided to make the best of the situation by documenting the repair/replacement process as a, well I don’t know yet, possibly a tool for guiding people through the process themselves, who knows. I’ll even try to throw in a humourous sound clip of funny things the MS reps say.

Now, if you please, could we all partake in a minutes gaming in honour of my old pal, the launch 360 that could…till karma hit it with a very big stick.


music note While writing this, I was listening to “Red Alert” by Basement Jaxx



  1. So sad to see your first one go, I’m on lucky number 7 with my Elite! I’ve had that one for almost a year now so it’s holding up, so far…

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